server optimization and security

If your purchased or existing server does not provide the efficiency you want or does not perform as you want, you can get maximum efficiency with server optimization.

Panel installation service

cPanel setup and initial settings

Plesk installation and initial settings

Cyberpanel installation and initial settings

Vestainstallationandinitial settings

ispconfig setup and initial settings

cPanel Opt-Sec

Cpanel Server Security

Tweaking WHM security center

Performance Optimization

Per server one time plan

Security Installations

Firewall installation.

CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall).

Linux Opt-sec

Security Installations

Complete server auditing.

Server Security And Hardening

Security SSHD on the server.

Service Optimizations

Apache Optimization and performance analysis.

Application optimization like PHP.

Windows Opt-Sec

Security Installations And Updates

Configuring server with specific roles

Plesk upgrades and configurations.

Plesk PHP hardening

IIS security

Securing RDP access

Securing Mail-enable and Smarter-mail